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And if you need to access that website: save user name and password with your subscription data.

Pennyzoo is your personal subscription and password manager.


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With pennyzoo you manage your money through subscriptions, but

What is a subscription?

With PennyZoo we make subscriptions manageable! But what is a subscription? There are so many more subscriptions today than your standard newspaper and magazine subscriptions. A subscription is defined as: the action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something. So let´s not forget the thousands of other services we subscribe to weekly, monthly, annually and even daily! You might not think you subscribe to your mortgage, but you certainly need to pay it monthly in order to keep a roof over your head! Times change and with automatic payments and online services, it is about time our definition of subscription got an update too. Let´s redefine the word and see how subscriptions are a part of our everyday life! Then you can see how Pennyzoo will manage them all for you simply in one place!

A Traditional Subscription

First lets take the subscription as initially defined. Your traditional newspaper and magazine subscriptions fall under this category. But let´s get with the times too! Stuff like Netflix or Spotify are perfect examples of subscriptions services as well. The service price is determined ahead of time and services are paid for upfront, and from the same account every time.

Stagnate Recurring Payments

Similar to a subscription, per definition, but slightly different. A stagnate recurring payment is a recurring payment in which the total amount due doesn´t change. You pay the same amount each time, a perfect example of this is your rent, mortgage or childcare payments. While you don´t really feel like you subscribe to these services in the traditional sense, you do have an agreement to pay and receive a service on a schedule - so how is that not a subscription?

Usage Based Subscriptions

Use more, pay more and vice versa. What about those monthly services you pay for that fluctuate? We´re talking about those services that charge you by what you use which means the amount you owe will indefinitely change each billing period. For example, your water, electricity and phone bills. You pay these services each month, but the amount due changes every time, and like any subscription, you have agreed to pay for a service on a schedule.

Budget-Based Subscriptions

Okay, so we might be reaching here. Your budget isn´t really subscription service per see... But let´s think about those essentials we purchase daily, weekly, monthly, that we can´t live without, but we aren´t actually getting from the same company, at the same time, or for the same amount. These are what we like to call budget-based subscriptions, items that we have to budget for, but the actual cost will fluctuate. For example, the gas for your car, the food in your fridge or the road tolls for your commute to work. Not a subscription but you cant really live without them. Looking at budget-based subscriptions as such, it allows you to visualize your spending and easily see how much money you have left in your wallet for spending, saving, or whatever!

Visualize your wallet

  • See all of your obligations in ONE place
  • Never forget a payment
  • Sync data to your personal needs
  • See your budget in real time
  • More time to relax